Top 10 Countries Of International Students That Study In Ukraine   This is Based On Enrollments For The 2015 Admission Year, Till 01.01.2016.  Here are the countries with the highest number of enrollments for the 2015 admission year, up till the 1st of January 2016. The publication is not a representation of all the countries whose nationals are studying in Ukraine, or the total number of active international students enrollment. It is specific to the 2015 admission year. From the information captured in the video, majority of the international students come from Asian countries, followed by African countries. Nigeria sends the [More]
Top 10 Cities In Ukraine – International Students Favourites Video statistics of the top ten cities that recorded the highest number of international students recruitment for the 2015 admission year, till 01.01.2016. Some of the cities has been traditional favourites for international students over a long time now. For cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv, this is to be expected. Both are among the cities with the highest number of higher institutions in Ukraine. Beyond that, Kharkiv has a historic administrative history, while Kyiv is the current seat of power, being the country’s capital. Other cities like Lviv, Vinnytsa, Dnepro, Ternopil, [More]
Kharkiv Timelapse A beautiful rendition of Kharkiv timelapse, spanning the four seasons of Ukraine, from Winter to Summer, capturing Autumn and Spring. Created by Kirill Neejmakov, it goes to show the beauty and metropolitan nature of Kharkiv city. For this 6 minutes video timelapse, tens of thousands of still images were taken over a period of one year, in order to make the final compilation. A lot of work and dedication from the talent that put it all together. Now, below is the very interesting one, involving a chic driver that bashed a traffic sign-post. By the way, don’t be quick [More]
Anatomy Of The Human Body  An educational video on the anatomy of the human body, presented to a group of medical experts, personnel and students. Not a sight that everyone can withstand, so be warned. A corpse is dissected during the presentation / lecture while the students watched. Not a very interesting sight for the faint-hearted, but this is part of what students have to go through to become qualified as medical doctors. Anatomy, as a course is one of the most dreaded courses for many medical students. It is a hurdle every aspiring medical doctor must jump over during the academic [More]
Why I Hate School But Love Education  An unconventional video highlighting the differences between school and education. They appear to be one and the same, but they are fundamentally different. Conventional school systems has placed lots of emphasis on schools, thereby shifting the emphasis away from education itself. The two videos tries to challenge the status quo, advancing a paradigm shift from how school and education are perceived and what they both stand for. Watch and enjoy.. This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of [More]
Top 10 Universities In Ukraine Based On The Number Of International Students Enrolled For The 2015 Admission Year, Till 01.01.2016.  A short video clip of the top 10 universities in Ukraine, that enrolled the highest number of international students for the 2015 admission year, up till 1st of January, 2015. This is not a general indication of the total number of international students in those universities, or total number of students in general, but only indicative of foreign students enrollment for the aforementioned academic year. Watching the video, one thing becomes glaring, that most of the published universities that made [More]
Study in Ukraine Admissions  A promotional video shot way back, meant to promote and appeal to prospective international candidates contemplating on the idea of pursuing a university education in Ukraine. It may have done the job then, but it reminds of our own promotional video that was created around 2010. Looking at them now, with the vision of 2016 and beyond, the videos all look un-appealing. However, the good thing is that they continue to perform their duties, irrespective of when they were shot. This alone is the beauty of videos, as it presents a piece of frozen time, that can [More]
Study in Ukraine for Indian students. You probably already know that Ukraine is an excellent destination for quality and affordable medical education. However, you may not  know that one of the countries with the highest number of medical students in Ukraine is India. According to the 2015 statistics of the top 10 countries with students studying in Ukraine, India is #3. This goes a long way to showing the affinity Indians have for the quality medical education obtained from Ukraine universities. One of the major companies that recruit international students in Ukraine from India is Bob Trade, which is also founded  by [More]
Funniest Game Show Answers  It’s fun time, and this time it’s about to get you cranking, so get ready. It’s a compilation of funny answers from different game shows. Usually some are very quick to give an answer, and in the process end up with weird or unexpected answers that cranks up the audience and even the anchor. Watch and have fun. Sure, there are a thousand and one things to be done, but one of those is unwinding and just giving yourself some fun times, while exercing your lungs with deep and body-absorbing laughter. Watch and enjoy… And, below is [More]
Study MBBS (Medicine) In Ukraine A nice and informative video about medical education in Ukraine. As some of you probably already know, Ukraine is a cost effective destination for medical education. Thousands of international students arrive Ukraine every year to enroll into the numerous quality and affordable medical universities in Ukraine. Our establishment has already helped lots of prospective international candidates fulfill their dreams of affordable, but quality university education. For candidates interested in quality and affordable medical education in Ukraine, visit the link below to fill the application form, and also get our Admission Starter Kit (ASKit). Online Application [More]
Education Abroad – Korean Drama The original goal of the creator, TerrySong TV, was to make some portfolio videos for his business, but it seems the drama series are generating high interests. The series is about a young girl that moved to the United States, from Korea and the ensuing interest that accompanies that, especially from the prying eyes of an admiring guy, and other academic challenges. Watch and enjoy. Show some love and appreciation to the creator for making it. It is truly a good drama series, and this is only the first episode.
Study in Ukraine Promo Video Study in Ukraine promo video, highlighting the benefits of university education in Ukraine. A picture is said to convey more than a thousand words, but videos convey much more. The entire video is less than 1 minute but captures the most important benefits attracting international students to Ukraine for university education.   The video itself was not pre-planned, but just created on impulse, almost impromptu. In 2010 when it was created, it looked pretty awesome. However, viewing it in 2016, it appears not so catchy, not the same kind of flair it had in 2010. However, it still [More]