Харьков 2012 (Kharkov / Ukraine Timelapse)

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Kharkiv Timelapse

A beautiful rendition of Kharkiv timelapse, spanning the four seasons of Ukraine, from Winter to Summer, capturing Autumn and Spring.

Created by Kirill Neejmakov, it goes to show the beauty and metropolitan nature of Kharkiv city.

For this 6 minutes video timelapse, tens of thousands of still images were taken over a period of one year, in order to make the final compilation. A lot of work and dedication from the talent that put it all together.

Now, below is the very interesting one, involving a chic driver that bashed a traffic sign-post.

Female driver accident
By the way, don’t be quick to blame it on female’s inability to drive. It could happen to anyone, even you irrespective of how cool you think you are behind the wheels.

Watch below and have fun…

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