Why I Hate School But Love Education

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Why I Hate School But Love Education 

An unconventional video highlighting the differences between school and education.

They appear to be one and the same, but they are fundamentally different. Conventional school systems has placed lots of emphasis on schools, thereby shifting the emphasis away from education itself.

The two videos tries to challenge the status quo, advancing a paradigm shift from how school and education are perceived and what they both stand for.

Watch and enjoy..

Why I Hate School But Love Education

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

This RSA Animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benj…

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  • CrambleGaming

    Uh. Mazing.

  • BeMo Academic Consulting Inc.

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  • Speed Akpodiete

    I don’t know if you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or whatever, but I love
    you SOOO much! The moment that you used that verse from Proverbs was the
    highlight of this video for me. I just had to sub!

  • ontheqtrain


  • Tim Warnock

    We have been sold a false dream……..

  • Omoiyari23

    im so frustrated that i don’t know what my dream is… i feel like il never
    find out

    • On Fire

      Very Powerful and Inspiring! Your a deep thinker!!

  • Canon Nguyen

    How could somebody disliked this?

  • Zachary Jeffers

    You are my idol. Thank you for this and the exam result video. Thank you

  • Maria Paula rodoru

    loved it!!

    • charlotte hickey

      I personally love this piece. I listen to it so often, I can quote every


    What Camera was you using?

  • Talteona Lomax

    That was so great he is strong

    • Keiv Brown


  • Stacks817

    This nigga is saying all this after he graduated but he still somewhere
    using his degree lol fuck outta here life is what u make it an half u lazy
    ducks will use this video as a crutch and never accomplish anything 

    • Lex Jones

      School was more of a youth club for me. I went there to have fun not learn.
      This kid is wasting his time expressing his feelings on school/education.
      It will never change so just get with it. 

  • wolftats9


  • sajid motala

    well said..

  • Sunpreet Grewal

    This man is all about the truth, this video should be shared world wide

  • Erica Samuel

    Very powerful and very true message.indeed.

  • DaTo MiminoshviLi

    should get more views

  • koby1985

    I was lost before starting UNI, but i truly believe i have found my calling
    – I am feeling this video. The degree may be irrelevant but it has steered
    me on the right path

  • Adrian auquilla


  • mouthpiece200

    What a garbage video and waste of time. When someone is able to turn out
    kids with truly superior minds, then I’ll be impressed. Until then, this
    is just fuzzy feel-good words with little practical application. 

  • Sagun Dhungana

    Education Models! Really a strong Presentation!

  • Eric Bermudez

    But this one still my favs. Countries are all fucked up but it’s funny cz
    those incharge went to Harvard, Princeton earned PHD’s & Masters and yet
    none of them can get things right… Smart ppl can’t be measure with this
    educational system period!. 

  • Jim Stephens
  • Emmanuel Flossie

    Good riddance!

  • Lucas Buncle

    I think this can be summed up by this: In group projects i have in my
    engineering and science degree, the majority of the time half my group is
    utterly useless. And these are people who are judged to be in the top 15%
    for science and the top 10% (i think it’s actually a bit smaller like 8%)
    for engineering, yet people are still utterly useless. So yes i totally
    agree with this.

  • Danielle Goodman
  • THEQuest2112

    baNG ON NAILED it!

  • Brad Kolar


  • Flori Manning

    An ‘oldie,’ but a goodie (Sir Ken Robinson talk from 2010). If you haven’t
    seen it, it is a great one to watch!

  • ZaeBreezy

    Wow! Shout out to my professor for introducing me to this video. It was
    GREAT!! Definitely a brain teaser.

  • John Bree

    This video is a work of art, i am really impressed at the creativity. Good
    work, keep it up xD

  • hollymade

    A little thing which interested me was the 10% (he didn’t say it but I
    googled the study) of people who make it through school still able to think
    of 200 ways to use a paperclip – what is it about them or their experience
    got them through the system “unscarred”? Did they do well in school or not?
    What about afterwards?

  • Akili King

    Instead of Education lets teach how to do things better…we need doers

  • TulioSounds

    Finally someone who gets it

  • Ashley Nicole

    A professor showed us this in class and I have to admit I related to this
    so much I got angry! Watching this is so mind opening. All of the things I
    have felt as a student has been explained in this well thought-out video.

  • Kate Luebke

    We just watched this in one of my classes. It’s that stuff that deep down
    in your heart of heart you already knew but at the same time I am grateful
    to have seen such a strong presentation of this.

  • Contemplative Political Philosophy

    Where creativity goes to die?

  • Roger Paige

    Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion – Does school kill creativity

  • Alexandre Schrammel

    I want to show it in my country (Brazil) e really need to think out of the
    box here.
    ———Am I allowed to translate it(subtitle)? If anyone want to help me
    make them see this please give Thumbs up ^^ Thanks a lot.

  • Kevin Bun

    That was awesome.

  • rusrad74

    This is one of my favorite videos of all time!!! thank you this is great!

  • Flash Back

    Everybody should watch this! 

  • Paula Rowland

    Sir Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms….really fun to watch and

  • ochgottnochma

    Think about “how fake” ADHD is when such a person killed your loved ones by
    accident in traffic: it could have been prevented with Ritalin.

    ADHD people cause the most accidents, because they can’t concentrate.