Study in Ukraine for Indian Students

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Study in Ukraine for Indian students.

You probably already know that Ukraine is an excellent destination for quality and affordable medical education. However, you may not  know that one of the countries with the highest number of medical students in Ukraine is India.

According to the 2015 statistics of the top 10 countries with students studying in Ukraine, India is #3. This goes a long way to showing the affinity Indians have for the quality medical education obtained from Ukraine universities.

One of the major companies that recruit international students in Ukraine from India is Bob Trade, which is also founded  by an Indian. The video below is their promotional video showcasing the beauty, elegance, class, metropolitan lifestyle and serenity Ukraine has to offer international students.

For international candidates interested to study medicine in Ukraine, click the link below to fill the online application form, and get the Admission Starter Kit (ASKit). Medical education in Ukraine is absolute value for money, considering the comparatively low tuition.

Online Application To Study In Ukraine 


Study in Ukraine For Indian Students

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Study in Ukraine Admissions
  • liveinrenster

    Three main points. 1) This degree in medicine is Not valid in India. ,
    Australia, Canada, middle east ,US, Newzealand and any of the western
    euope. including Norway,Finland,sweden.UK 2) Ukraine , To be very honest
    this country is shit as hell trust me, unemployment, poverty. The good this
    is , Ukraineian girls are good ,easy target, good in bed. The other thing
    is for Indians when u finish your medicine there in Ukraine , your wedding
    market goin to be high. Bcoz too many dump ass up there

  • Padam Bhusal

    amazing job !!!

  • Kashif Khan

    great job. covered almost every aspect.

  • Rabin Basnet

    great !!!!

  • Singh Pritpal

    great bhai ji.. nice to watch this..

  • Surya Dev

    r u serious???is this degree not valid in india??

  • BLUERAY1611

    To all this doctors -what are going to do after you graduate?

  • Ko0okieeZ

    I love the video but it says nothing about education

  • Luqman khan

    nice future i want to studay in ukrain uni