Education Abroad – Korean Drama

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Education Abroad – Korean Drama

The original goal of the creator, TerrySong TV, was to make some portfolio videos for his business, but it seems the drama series are generating high interests.

The series is about a young girl that moved to the United States, from Korea and the ensuing interest that accompanies that, especially from the prying eyes of an admiring guy, and other academic challenges.

Watch and enjoy. Show some love and appreciation to the creator for making it. It is truly a good drama series, and this is only the first episode.
Education Abroad Korean Drama

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  • kawaiikimchipam

    wow that guy is cute ;)

  • wavemasterz1

    Woah my cousin goes to that uni. But in business dept.!!

  • Nurul Hudah

    When is the next episode..?

  • thegreatMrx

    Acting isn’t very good but meh

  • TerrySongTV

    This Tuesday, January 1st!

  • ysa dora


  • KM Bappi

    The video is very informative on the quality of education that a child
    faces growing up. “EssayThinker”

  • Chamathka Himashini

    You’ve got the style, elements and music of good k-dramas really well
    portrayed!!! Lol… I found the 5th episode of the new season and really
    liked it! Made me wanna watch from the beginning ^^ Keep it up!

  • patitukou

    woow… i like it!

  • Sonii Naaz

    Hey !! This Drama is Really Nice !!! Keep it Up !!!

  • TerrySongTV

    Yes 🙂 She is supposedly from the same school

  • reenawahid33

    its….so a korean drama script but it was a good try anyway… all the

  • HyperActiveCookiie

    Awwww! Such a cute drama! ^o^

  • lisabanilad1984


  • Nurul Hudah

    When is the next episode..?


    This is an interesting drama. And it is cute. But I am wondering if
    Hee-Jung is really from S.Korea as a foreign exchange student from a high
    school? She looks a little old.

  • Nita Yang

    LOl this is almost like a korean drama… Although some editing can be
    improved but it’s really good!

  • Gingerorla

    What. Am. I. Doing.

  • TerrySongTV

    Thank you!

  • Diana Tran

    I like it

  • Sonii Naaz

    Your Welcome 🙂 I’m The Fan of K.pop And Korean Dramas 🙂