Anatomy Of The Human Body

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Anatomy Of The Human Body 

An educational video on the anatomy of the human body, presented to a group of medical experts, personnel and students. Not a sight that everyone can withstand, so be warned.

A corpse is dissected during the presentation / lecture while the students watched. Not a very interesting sight for the faint-hearted, but this is part of what students have to go through to become qualified as medical doctors.

Anatomy, as a course is one of the most dreaded courses for many medical students.

It is a hurdle every aspiring medical doctor must jump over during the academic years as an undergraduate medical student.

Watch and learn, if you are a medical student or planning to be one…

Anatomy Of The Human Body

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  • 3Slim3Shady3

    I cant stop watching these kinds of videos, its creepy how fascinating I
    find them.

  • SVAFnemesis

    Well…it’s just like chopping up a chicken

  • 떵머고사단

    very informative video it is more clear and better than all lectures at

  • Series7

    them ppl where forced to be there just look at them

  • Eddie Misiewicz

    Almost made me throw up

  • Michael Moua

    terrible camera work.

  • Seraphina Brisbin


  • sidcomputertech

    this is scary

  • Abe Nebuchadnezzar

    The very real threat of Atherosclerosis 

  • саня петров

    Is it a real body?

  • neilrockland

    this is scary

  • Alec Risser

    this is a great opportunity to learn but its creepy to think they knew
    something like this would happen

  • Cleo Satori

    Dafaq I was watching cute couples now I’m watching human anatomy..

  • Harley Quinn

    I love Gunther. I am gutted i will never get to learn from the man himself,
    But thanks to this an i have filled out all the forms for donation of my

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Why im i watching this?

  • Mike Anguille

    This guy the fucking Bill Nye of human dissections or what? smh A live
    It seems a bit disrespectful.

  • Stella Oogo

    I have just enjoyed these videos and hoped i had an opportunity to go back
    to school and study Medicine. Will not let my daughter miss this
    opportunity in her academic and professional life. Fantastic.

  • caustinmois

    couldn’t have used a live model that was a female…?

  • Your Daddy

    Lol apreciate it haha. I’ll say that in class next time

  • keelyn chandler

    Is this a real body

  • Joseph Hwang

    appreciate he nerve…

  • M355J0K3R

    How did I get here?


    HI good on you its pep like you im going hopefully help teach as im a whole
    body donor for anatomy education to med students best of wishes j

  • dylan kitchener

    I was wondering how to do this on myself

  • วรชาติ ชุมชอบ

    ooh ! !

  • fieryglow2

    I recommend learning the medical terminology. Once you get the hang of
    knowing the root words, prefixes, and sufixes you will be able to figure
    out what the word means.

  • ladeebugaub

    I’m not so sensitive to this stuff, I’m going to be a nurse and glad I can
    handle this. Three years to go.

  • chantiaunique

    oh god i’m gonna fail…..

  • Nicole Farkas

    I’m 14 I’m gonna learn about everything I need before I go to medical
    school so that I’m more likely to not fail maybe not everything but ya

  • SilvaFox14


  • Gaming wins&fails

    thats a corpse 

  • vix millz

    Yes it is a real human cadaver 

  • kay jay

    I’m not grossed out. I could definitely survive Gross Anatomy. I guess some
    people are just less sensitive to this sort of thing and some people are
    more sensitive.